Customer satisfaction

The quality of our products and services is the basis of the relationship between our customers and our company. We strengthen this basis by nurturing the partnership that we share with our customers. Our aim is to maintain and increase our customers' satisfaction with our products and services by maintaining a high degree of customer loyalty. And in order to achieve customer satisfaction, we place top priority on the quality of our products and services. We want to meet our customers' expectations and, if possible, exceed them.

Product quality

By maintaining a quality management system, our aim is to preserve and also improve the quality of our products. Only by offering high-value products and services will we be able to maintain and increase our competitiveness. The quality management system helps us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, and in so doing also increase our competitiveness.

Dedicated, motivated and qualified staff

Dedicated, motivated and qualified staff, who identify with our company, are an important prerequisite for us being able to do our work properly. By giving them responsibility, by recognising the work they do and through a good flow of information between departments and functions within the company, we achieve a high level of motivation that is reflected by satisfied and performance-orientated staff.

Process quality

In order to secure the necessary earnings for our company, everyone working in the company must think and act with cost in mind. Unnecessary costs arising from waste such as scrap, reworking and waiting times are constantly being reduced. Our aim is «zero defects». Generally speaking, prevention takes precedence over remedial measures. We only work with those suppliers who are willing to support and participate in our quality aims on the basis of partnership.