Takeover of the Koch GmbH & Co.KG based in Balingen-Engstlatt, which becomes part of the MAFU Group on 1st July 2015.

Handball first league team H-BW Balingen Weilstetten closes the season 2014/2015 with the 11th place in the table, reaching for the first time more than 30 points.

The Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt took the driver’s seat of an Audi A7 which drove autonomously on the A9 highway.


At the Rosenfeld site, the building of a new hall has increased the production floor space of MAFU Systemtechnik GmbH by 1,500 square metres. Similarly, MAFU Sauter Mechanik GmbH increased its production floor space by 600 square metres at the Rottweil site.

In Brazil, the German national football team wins the World Cup for the fourth time.

German goods exports top 100 billion Euros in a single month for the first time.


Takeover of the former Karl Wenness GmbH based in Esslingen, now MAFU-Wenness GmbH Elektroautomation.

In May, FC Bayern München wins the Triple of the German championship, German Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Following heavy rainfall in May and June, a "flood of the century" affects large parts of southern and eastern Germany.

On 2nd May, our Rottweil-based subsidiary Sauter Mechanik GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary.

At the end of November, Sebastian Vettel is crowned Formula 1 World Champion for the third time.

At the end of October, Hurricane Sandy causes damage estimated at 50 billion US Dollars in the Caribbean and along the east coast of the USA. The hurricane claims 210 lives.

Takeover of Bosch CNC-Komplettbearbeitung GmbH based in Jungingen, which becomes part of the MAFU Group on 1st June 2011.

A 1:0 win and a 1:1 draw in the relegation play-offs against VFL Bochum sees VFL Borussia Mönchengladbach 1900 e.V. avoid the club's third relegation in its history and stay in the Bundesliga.

Following an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9, a massive tsunami hits Japan on 11th March 2011. A disaster occurs at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Mafu signs a system partnership with the Danish company Scape Technologies in the field of "bin picking".

At the ice hockey World Championships, a new attendance record of 77,803 is set at the opening match between Germany and the USA in Gelsenkirchen.

In May, large parts of Europe's airspace are closed due to ash clouds following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland.

Mafu signs a system partnership with Festo AG of Esslingen in the field of intelligent compact camera systems.

In May, VFL Wolfsburg under head coach Felix Magath becomes German football champion for the first time.

In January, US Airways flight 1549 ends with an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York. All 155 people on board are rescued.

Rottweil-based Sauter Mechanik GmbH is taken over and becomes a part of the MAFU Group on 1st January 2008.

In February, German biathletes win 5 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals at the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund, Sweden.

In February, Fidel Castro resigns from all his positions in Cuba. He is succeeded by his brother Raul.

At the end of June, MAFU seals a partnership with a future holding in the French company STAER which specialises in spring feed systems and is based in Limoges, France.

Germany wins its second handball World Championship with a 29:24 win over Poland in the final.

6th to 8th June 2007: The G8 summit is held in Heiligendamm.

Reconstruction of the company premises with a complete redesign of the presentation and sales area.

The 2006 World Cup kicks off in Munich with the opening match against Costa Rica. Italy beats France in the final. Germany finishes third.

1st June: Hydrogen becomes established as a fuel in practical use: The first city buses of Berlin's public transport companies run on this environmentally friendly fuel.

Ralph Lehleuter joins MAFU Systemtechnik GmbH and MAFU GmbH Automation as Managing Partner.

Michael Schumacher finishes the season with 148 points to become World Champion for the seventh and final time, and at the same time the most successful Formula 1 driver in history.

1st June: SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately built spaceplane to reach an altitude of 100 kilometres and therefore space. Michael Melvill becomes the first commercial astronaut.

Manfred Fuoß introduces the company succession.

Brazil wins the final against Germany 2:0 and becomes World Champion for the fifth time. Favourites such as France and Argentina fail to progress beyond the group stage.

The Euro is brought into circulation as the new currency.

Production and assembly floor space extended to 2100 m2. In addition, the new wet varnishing system goes into operation.

Germany tops the medals table at the Winter Olympics in Albertville (France) with 10 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.

Discovery of the first exo-solar planets in space

Mafu moves into the new building in Rosenfeld. Production and assembly floor space increased to 1100 m2.

Steffi Graf wins all four of the year's Grand Slam tennis tournaments, plus the Olympic title. This achievement becomes known as the Golden Slam.

The first real computer worm paralyses 10% of what was then the Net.

The additional "sorting and feed systems" division commences operations.

On 7th July, Boris Becker becomes the first German and (at age 17) the youngest tennis player ever to win the Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon.

The European space probe Giotto, named after Giotto di Bondone, is launched from the Kourou space station to research Halley's Comet.

Manfred Fuoß founds "MAFU GmbH" with the "system technology" division in Rosenfeld-Leidringen.

Muhammad Ali wins the world heavyweight title with a victory over Ken Norton in the Yankee Stadium.

The American company IBM launches the first laser printers onto the market.